Due to cost related issues, BetterMeower is going to be leaving soon. BetterMeower is a Meower client with new features and enhancements, and we’ve been around since October 2022. In less than 40 days, our domain bettermeower.app will be expiring and our team does not have the money to afford to renew it.

In the past 3 months, usage and interest in BetterMeower has dropped over 200%, making renewing this domain uneconomical.

We’d like to thank everyone for supporting BetterMeower and we can’t wait to see what Meower has to offer in the future. Once our domain expires, you’ll have to switch to another client such as the official Meower client at https://app.meower.org.

*Posted by JoshAtticus Edited 12 October 2023*