BetterMeower is back! Now in the form of BetterMeower Classic, you can use BetterMeower 1.5.0, based on Meower Svelte 1.4.3, right now, in your browser!

Meower CL4 updates

As you may already know, the Meower CL4 port has been pushed back multiple times. While we were initially promised Meower CL4 to be released late January, it is already June as of posting this.

Instead, Meower CL3 rewritten, aka Meower CL3.5, aims to fix many of the issues with Meower CL3, while still maintaining compatibility with older clients.

BetterMeower Classic will recieve feature updates and compatiblity patches until CL4 is released, and we also hope to integrate CL3.5 features into it as well.

Client compatibility

If you still don’t understand, here’s a chart on BetterMeower client compatiblity

Client CL3 CL3.5 CL4 R1
Legacy BetterMeower (1.4 and earlier) Partial
BetterMeower Classic
Future BetterMeower releases Partial

Legacy BetterMeower, such as versions 1.4 and earlier, fully support CL3. While it will connect to CL3.5 servers, it will not have compatiblity with most of the new features added.

BetterMeower Classic has full compatiblity with current (as of date of posting) CL3 servers, and we also plan to bring full compatibility with CL3.5 to it as well, meaning it will have the new features added by CL3.5.

Future BetterMeower Releases may not be based on Meower Svelte, as we are considering Meower Sveltekit as an option as well. We plan to make our first future release be launched alongside CL3.5 support for BetterMeower Classic, meaning it too will also have support for CL3.5.

With CL4 and Release 1 (R1), we plan to bring support for those to releases even further into the future than CL3.5 BetterMeower, but we can’t make too many predicitons, as those are a while away.

So, where can I use BetterMeower Classic?

You can access BetterMeower Classic right here ( if you want to type it out) for the time being.

We hope you enjoy having BetterMeower as an alternate client option once again, and we plan to add more features soon!

Posted by JoshAtticus