So BetterMeower 1.5.0 is out now? Cool! Here’s all the cool features you may not know yet!

Ever wanted to find a post or user, or see Meower stats? Now you can! Thanks to the new search feature in BetterMeower 1.5.0! All you have to do is go to the home page, then click the Search icon in the top right corner of your screen! image

News has moved!

You’re probably wondering why News has disappeared from your sidebar! With BetterMeower 1.5.0, we’ve moved all of our News, tips, tricks and updates to this blog!

New PFPs!


Meet our new PFPs, Abstractimates! With BetterMeower 1.5.0, you’ll start seeing these popup everywhere! Don’t question the names though, seriously.

Add to chat, right from a profile

Now, with BetterMeower 1.5.0, you can add people to a group chat directly from their profile! All you have to do is click the “Add to Chat” button, and select a group chat! Simple. image image

Ping notifications

Ever had someone ping you, but found out 30 minutes later when they’re offline? Now you can say goodbye to that forever! Ping notifications automattically play a sound whenever someone mentions you in a message! Don’t want them enabled? You can turn them off in settings at any time!

Log out everywhere

Our next feature is a security feature! If you log in somewhere, but forget to log out, you can log all devices out of your account with the Log out everywhere button in settings.

But where’s the log out button?

The logout button has moved to settings to help remove clutter from the sidebar (or top bar in old layout).

New redesign!!!

Yep! We redesigned BetterMeower, by taking our existing design, and refinining it. Now, you’ll see round corners on everything, as well as the home page being rearranged a bit! image


Of course, yes, we added images, so now you can share that funny meme you found on Tenor without having to get them to open the link. Just send a message in this format, [400.png:], replacing the link with the link to your image, and the image name with whatever you want + the file extension. image

I want more!!!

Feel like breaking something? Shift-click the Settings icon to open Developer Tools. From there, you can do a whole bunch of cool things! Don’t ask why the title is Developer Settings, I didn’t do that. image


With all the new features, we hope you guys enjoy BetterMeower 1.5.0, have a very merry Chistmas, and a happy new year! Later!

Posted by JoshAtticus